MeGardenAvatar150daddykirbs is me, well my online personality.  I like to think that who I am online and offline are the same, but I’m probably just fooling myself.

I am a simple proud American.  I love God, my Country and my Family!  I grew up in the city, but have always wanted to live “out in the country” where I could grow my own food and raise animals.

Now at the age of… um, now that I’m a bit older I finally have it. I, with my lovely family, moved to a beautiful log cabin just outside of San Antonio, TX.  We have 5.6 acres and we are livin’ da dream!  Well, I am.  My wife is adjusting 🙂

Animal life on the farm right now includes chickens, ducks, three goats and a herd of dogs.  Those are the only animals that we’ve had time to manage so far.  We love collecting eggs from the chicks and ducks.

I have an active garden that I tend to a little every day.  It is an ever expanding project.  Up front I also have an orchard of fruit trees.  That is set to expand as well.  The land is cleared and I have a plan… just need time and money.

We have also planted about 15 other trees on the farm.  We love the idea of getting things going for the next generation.  Those oaks should be just about ready when my grand kids are grown!

This blog will document many different aspects of our life on “the farm”.  I hope you get a little something out of it.  Thanks for visiting!

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Hi! I'm Blake. Online I go by "Daddykirbs". My farm and blog is a place to learn about my journey with Permaculture, Homesteading, Gardening and more. Thanks for visiting!