Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Framing Nearly Complete

Building the Horse Barn – Photos of Progress

Building the Horse Barn

This is the story and journey of my horse barn build. Originally documented on my Instagram account, I thought it would be fun to compile it all here on!

Horse Barn – Site Assessment and Stakes

It’s not a horse barn, but it’s a start. 36 feet long and 12 feet deep. That should accommodate 2 horses and a hay storage room just fine. I was a bit concerned that this structure would be too big for this area, but after staking it off… looks like it’s gonna be fine.

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Stakes

What is Luke building here? Hmm, he’s doing a nice job making those corners square 😉 Video ion Wed about this project.

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Square Corners

Here’s a closer look at the corner piece. Oh, what could be going on here?

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Square Corners Closeup

Here’s the video that shows the method I used to make the corners squared.

Horse Barn – Materials and Equipment

Delivered! That is a lot of lumber! Luke, when will you reveal your secret?

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Luke on Lumber


Big thanks to my neighbor for coming down to help out with the post holes! Too bad my rocky soil broke the auger before all 11 holes were dug 😕 … 9.5 holes is still a lot to be grateful for!

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Tractor Post Hole Digger

Horse Barn – It’s Taking Shape!

The sun dropped too soon this evening. 10 out of 11 poles are stood up in the holes. Not a lot of video taken due to just gettin’ it done! Those 16 foot poles are super heavy. Thanks to my buddy Eric for some heavy lifting!

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Posts in Holes

Horse Barn progress. Getting tge posts squared up and level is a very important step in making a pole barn. I have no tips… just string it, line it up, level… redo if necessary.

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Braces on Corners

5 posts vertically level and braced. 1 end tied together. 1 corner and 1 side lined up and on a 90 degree angle. So far so good.

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Collage of Leveling

That little tractor has saved my back so many times! These 6x6x16 posts are HEAVY! There’s no way I was gonna muscle these bad boys around on my own. One little Kubota and a Kayak strap did the trick.

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Tractor Placing Post

When you get tired of losing those rusty old framing squares and realize there is a can of high visibility spray paint sitting right there.

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - No More Losing Tools!

The come along tool was just right for bringing some post tops together as this horse barn skeleton nears completion.

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Come Along Wench

Horse Barn – The Framing is Nearly Complete!

All the poles are in the ground! Yes, that means that the last hole that was dug by hand is finally finished. Whew, I’m glad that’s over LOL. The skeleton of this barn is nearly completed. The rafter boards are still in a pile on the ground, but that will be changing very soon.

Daddykirbs Horse Barn Build - Framing Nearly Complete

More horse barn updates soon!

Thank you for being a part of my journey!

This post was conceived on Instagram, developed on Steemit, then formatted for my blog 🙂

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