Can a Duck Fertilize a Chicken Egg?

I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but they sure will try!

When I showed this video to some friends they made the joke that this is the first step in a popular seasonal recipe: “How to make Turducken: Step 1” … Now that’s funny right there!

Daddykirbs Farm: Duck on a Chicken

My daughter is 10. She “owns” Pepper the drake and Sunflower the female duck. She said “I guess Pepper doesn’t like Sunflower anymore.” Like it was a tough ending to her favorite Soap Opera!
Notice in the video that the rooster was UPSET!  He really was. He was stuck on the other side of the fence without a way to save his girl. His girl was SUPPOSED to be on the other side too, but she found a way over the fence LOL. Maybe she’ll stay in next time!

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