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Chicken Garden Soup: Cooking Homegrown Food

Chicken Garden Soup: Taking Pride in Growing and Cooking Homegrown Food

This post really should come with a few of warnings.

1. I’m not a chef
2. I have no food photography skills
3. I am a man that loves growing food!

Great, we got that out of the way so I can tell you how excited I am about making soup. This soup is special because it was created on a whim when I asked “What’s for dinner?” and got “I don’t know.”

This was a great time to go “shopping in the garden”…

Chicken Garden Soup: The Story

A few nights before we had boiled down one of our butchered chickens so there is some chicken and broth to use in the soup. The bones have been boiling for a few days too so that broth will add some nice flavor and nutrition. Now, let’s see what we can find in the garden that might make a nice meal.

Here’s a list of items that I put in my little “shopping” basket: Carrots, Parsley, Sugar Snap Peas, Rosemary, Swiss Chard, Chives and Garlic (stems).

Having really no idea what I’m doing I proudly take my basket inside to prepare these ingredients for the nights meal. All the veggies and herbs are washed. The carrots are cut into cute little chunks. Swiss Chard is separated into a pile of soft leaves and hard stems. All of this is done with a smile on my face because I’m using the food that I’ve grown. This is important since I love to grow it, but don’t always know what to do with it.

Since I’m not really good at recipes I’m going to just lay out the steps in a numbered list. Bear with me.

Chicken Garden Soup: The Recipe

  1. Add 3 cups of bone broth to stock pot
  2. Add 4 chopped carrots
  3. Add chopped Swiss Chard stems
  4. Add chopped Garlic stems
  5. Onions would be good too at this point, but I didn’t have any
  6. Add half of your Chives
  7. Add sprig of Rosemary
  8. Add chopped Chicken
  9. Pour in Chicken Broth (I had about 6 cups)
  10. Season with Salt and Cumin to taste (I used about 1 Tbsp each)
  11. Bring to boil until carrots are desired tenderness (I like mine slightly soft, yet still a little firm)
  12. When Carrots are good remove from heat
  13. Add cooked Rice (I had about 3 cups leftover from the night before)
  14. Place the cut Swiss Chard leaves, Sugar Snap Peas, remaining Chives and chopped Parsley to the top of hot broth soup and let wilt in.

Serve hot with a glass of unsweet iced tea (I know, so not southern).

By the way I had to come up with a name for the soup because my daughter asked me “What’s it called?”. She loves everything to have a name, so I just said Chicken Garden Soup. She replied with “A little bit of Chicken and a whole lotta Garden!” … ah, the little moments.

Chicken Garden Soup Pinterest Image
Chicken Garden Soup Pinterest Image

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