Chicken Tractor Instagram Moments Featured Image

Chicken Tractor Instagram Moments

Chicken Tractor?

Chicken tractor… I remember the first time I heard that I had visions of chickens on little bitty Kubota Tractors (I like orange tractors) driving all over the farm.

Really? No, really it’s just a mobile cage. This cage has no bottom so the chickens can freely eat from the pasture yard. The location of tractor cage is adjusted a little every day (sometimes twice a day) to put the chickens on new fresh grass.

Chicken Tractor Instagram Moments

Their are lots of reasons for this type of management of the flocks. I’ll get into all that when I do the official Chicken Tractor blog post. This post is just to tease you a bit and to show off my Instagram Photos.

Ideally if you want to see all of these photos when things are fresh you would follow me on Instagram or my Facebook Page. Normally I will post the photos to Instagram and my page one right after the other.

We’ll talk more later, but until then… enjoy the photos 🙂

I have plans for at least three different designs for the tractors. This design was chosen first because my beautiful wife thought it would be cute. I think she’s cute.

Check back soon for a full detailed blog post about “How to Build a Chicken Tractor” and “Why Use Chicken Tractors”.

Do you use Chicken Tractors?
What is your experience with this method of managing your poultry flocks?
Have you tried it with ducks?

These are questions I hope to answer for certain after getting a few seasons of experience with our Chicken Tractors.
Are there special concerns with predators?
Did the egg production go up or down?
How many tractors do you manage?
How many chickens do you put in one tractor?



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