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How You Can Contribute To Daddykirbs Farm

Encouragement & Conversation:

I love that you are here! The greatest contribution that you can give me is encouragement. When you comment on the posts and share your stories, it lets me know that what I do here is valuable. This is my desire to know that I am making a difference in peoples lives. Please continue to do that.

For those who have a heart to share the gift of financial contributions check out the information below.

Patreon Support:
Patreon is a site that will assist you in giving small gifts to Daddykirbs Farm on a per month basis. You set an amount to tip every month to help underwrite the cost of video and blog post production. These things take time and energy. The small amount that you can give per month (as low as $1) will help continue the demonstration and education about being good stewards of our natural resources and ecosystems.

This video helps explain how the Patreon process works:


PayPal One-Time Contribution:

Perhaps you have a desire to contribute to Daddykirbs Farm with a one-time donation. This can be done by using the paypal button below. Big or small, all contributions are appreciated.

 Other Non-Financial Forms of Support:

Continue to Support Daddykirbs Farm by following my adventures and journey online. I love engaging with you through the comments on all my social media sites. You encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing. This is a very valuable form of suport. Keep it up!

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Thank you for your Contributions and Support!

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3 thoughts on “Contribute To Daddykirbs Farm”

  1. Blake, I’m not certain this will reach you, but I want to thank you for sharing as a gentle neighbor with kind interests in the health and well being of your neighbors(Online!)

    For some 40 years following my forebears’ love of life off the land and the natural nutrition health we can produce with gentle labors, it came to me a couple of years ago that I need to share the gardening and nutrition experiences in my life. A friend liked part of the title I gave a little newsletter I made up for her community garden group, so “Soil 2 Cuisine” became a two year goal. It’s humble beginning is here . . .

    The dream is that others with interest in natural nutrition from home-produced plant foods will actively participate by sharing thoughts and ideas, much as you are interested in your wonderful “DaddyKirb’s Farm” work.

    I look forward to mutual sharing, Blake.


    Claude Armstrong

    Lakewood, Washington

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