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Daddykirbs on Steemit – Get Paid To Post

What is STEEMit and how does it work?

That’s a great question. I found this post on that answered that question beautifully. Here’s a snippit from that article:

Steemit is a social network that looks and functions a lot like Reddit, but with one HUGE difference: Steemit pays both the content creators when their work gets upvoted, as well as the people who curate the best content on the site by upvoting others work.

Why would a blogger / video content creator want another site to post on? … like Stemit?  Here’s the deal. Our time is valuable! Steemit has a reward system based on cryptocurrency to help build community in a positive way.

These posts below are from my Steemit page.  The posts in this page will be different every day because I’m using this cool Steemit Plugin to show of my latest posts.

Wouldn’t you like to get paid to post and comment?

Aren’t you tired of doing that for free and making other people (like the owners of google and facebook) rich?  Come on over to Steemit to see what it’s all about.  Once you are there, look me up and let me know that you are a Steemit member!

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