Did I Make My Peach Tree Produce More Fruit by Accident?

Did I Make My Peach Tree Produce More Fruit by Accident?Early this season when I was up in the orchard just observing my trees (I like to do that), I noticed something
a little weird.

I have this little Peach tree that has two main trunks. One side is producing leaves and very few flowers and the other side is producing loads of flowers and very few leaves.  Both branches, or trunks, are above the graft so there isn’t any chance of it acting like two different trees.

Did I Make My Peach Tree Produce More Fruit by Accident?

 For those of you who don’t know, many fruit trees are grafted which means that part of a desirable tree is attached to the root stock of a tree that is known to be more hardy. In other words the roots of the resulting tree are not the same variety that is seen, cultivated and harvested. This can have unintended results for the Orchardist. If the tree starts a growth below the graft it will have the characteristics of the root stock tree and not the fruit variety that is intended…

Ok, ok.. that’s getting side tracked just a bit. So, in my case here, this Peach tree is certainly not growing two varieties due to a growth below the graft. In the video below you can see on the right trunk a place where I left a tag on the tree. The tree grew around the string of the tag causing a bump on the trunk (see photo above). This is referred to as girdling.  This is not desirable… or so I thought.

You see, I just learned that some people choose to “GIRDLE” their fruit trees on purpose. The result is that the tree puts out more flowers and thus more fruit.

There are several resources available about this technique. I found this PDF and like it.


Do you practice this technique?  Have you had any success with the practice?

Thank you for hanging out with me here to read about
Did I Make My Peach Tree Produce More Fruit by Accident?

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2 thoughts on “Did I Make My Peach Tree Produce More Fruit by Accident?”

  1. Be careful. This technique can kill your tree in the long turn because you put a lot of stress in it doing girdling. Personally I don’t like to stress a tree to force it to produce more (girdling, water stress etc). Just be patient 🙂

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