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DIY Birdhouse Plans: Printable Download

DIY Birdhouse Plans

It’s a real pleasure putting the last fence board up. Step back to admire the beautiful piece of art that your fence now is. You built this! Ah, but now notice that large pile of scrap fence board ends. How can you utilize those scrap ends to make something useful and fun? Build a birdhouse! Now all you need are these DIY Birdhouse Plans.

Recently I finished facing the deck on my little farm. I was left with several very usable fence board scrap ends. Before I put the tools away and cleaned up my mess I decided to build a birdhouse. Use this video and complimentary printable download as your DIY Birdhouse Plans. It’ll be fun!

Use Scrap Fence Board Ends

For this project I wanted to build a birdhouse using the scrap boards original dimensions as much as possible. This would allow for me to get the most out of my scrap material.

The fence boards I was using were made of cedar and were standard dimensions for six inch fence boards. These boards were 0.75 inches thick, 5.5 inches wide and 8 feet long.

Cedar is a very naturally rot resistant wood so it makes for great birdhouse material. There is no need to paint or treat the cedar unless you desire to change it’s color or preserve the new cedar look. As cedar ages it will turn a silver gray color. To preserve the reddish tones of the fresh cedar wood it will need to be coated with a water proofing sealer.

DIY Birdhouse Plans
DIY Birdhouse Plans preview image for the complimentary printable download.

How will you use your birdhouse?

I would love to know if you decided to build this birdhouse. How do you intend to use it? Some people make them perfect for the birds and place them on poles or hang them in trees. Others like to make them pretty and decorate inside the house. Leave your birdhouse stories in the comments below 🙂

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Build A Simple Birdhouse: DIY Birdhouse Plans
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