Duck Dangers

Duck Dangers

Duck Dangers

We have ducks.

I love having ducks. In fact, I have a post called 5 Reasons to Want Ducks. They are loads of fun to watch and they produce for you.

Most of the time these cute little critters stay out of trouble and are easy to handle. They free range really well, but sometimes they find things.

Of all the duck dangers on our farm I never even considered this. Where did she find this thing? You know, you worry about predators, disease and unhealthy diets… but not normally THIS on the farm.

I was in the garden (like a normal evening) when my son said “Why is this ducks tongue hanging out? Come look!” At first I wasn’t alarmed because the kids sometimes get excited about things that aren’t a concern, but as I got closer I noticed the fishing lure. Oh no, this can be bad!

Upon inspection it was clear that the hook had pierced clean through the tongue and only the tongue. There was no damage to her bill. I was grateful that the situation was not as serious as it could have been.

We carried this beautiful Australian Spotted duck hen to the shed where I found a pair of wire snips. Gently lifting the tongue I exposed the barbed end of the hook. From here it was an easy fix as long as she doesn’t move unexpectedly.  She didn’t. (wiping brow) Whew!

The hook was snipped and it effortlessly slid out of the tongue. Crisis averted. That was a close one.

Duck Dangers

Fishing lure hook piercing the duck tongue.

Duck Dangers
Close up of the fishing lure hook piercing the duck tongue.
Duck Dangers
The hook pierced completely through the tongue. The hook barb was removed making it easy to free the duck.

Do you like to rescue ducks and wildlife?

I found a few sites that look interesting for animal rescues.

Original Facebook Post about this duck danger:

Duck Dangers
Ducks will get into trouble. Keep their living area free of dangers.

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