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Extend Your Growing Season Into The Next Generation

Hi, Welcome to Daddykirbs Garden.

I want to share just for a moment the importance of sharing your passion, your knowledge and just time with the next generation.

Extend Growing Season Into The Next Generation

Find a kid in your life… someone nearby, someone from church, school, in your own family, a grandkid… somebody. Now don’t be upset if you can’t find one as cute as this one (see video at end of post for adorable prop!). See, this is my first and only grandson and he is the cutest kid in the world.

Extend Growing Season Into The Next Generation
Daddykirbs with the cutest grandson in the world sharing time in the Daddykirbs Garden.

Take them outside in the garden and let them pick something anddon’t be upset. They might pick something that’s not quite ripe, it’s ok, let them pick it then tell them what is. (see video for interaction with cute grandkid about a tomato here)

Put a shovel in their hand, let ’em dig. Teach them that the soil is important to the seed. Teach them about soil microbiology… just let’em dig and let ’em get dirty. (see video for cute grandkid using a small shovel in a pot of soil)

Show them what a seed is. Tell them how plants start. Tell them how the seed germinates and grows. (see video for a visual on how a 1 year old plants seeds)

Show them what a baby plant looks like. (more interaction with the baby and baby plants)

Take them outside to other outdoor activities too. Let them touch animals. Baby animals are great, but you have to be careful because they’ll grab their bill (baby duck in video) and twist it… don’t do that.

Take a walk with them. Point out nature. Show them trees. Tell them what the different trees are. Teach them which plants produce food, which ones are pretty to look at and which ones can be dangerous.

Most of all just spend time with them. Take them outdoors. Get them off the couch and off the video games and teach them what the beauty of nature is really like.

Growing things is a passion. Sharing that passion with a child extends our growing season into the next generation.

Thank you for joining me here to read about

Extend Growing Season Into The Next Generation

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