Free Chicken Food Every Autumn

Free Chicken Food Every Autumn

Wouldn’t it be great to get Free Chicken Food Every Autumn?

Well, really it would be great to get free chicken food all the time, but if it can at least come free every once in a while it’s a nice break from depositing all my paychecks at the feed store!

Chickens love pumpkins. In the Autumn there are lots of pumpkins. One place that always has an abundance of pumpkins are local churches that operate Pumpkin Patch fund raisers.

There are several churches in our area that use this as a way to make money in the Fall. They buy semi truck loads of pumpkins and set them out all pretty for people to come and take pictures and buy the plump beauties.

With this abundant harvest comes some waste.

Not all the pumpkins find homes on some suburban front porch. Nope, there are quite a few that are too soft or damaged to be sold. These have to be discarded. The churches are quite happy to have people like me come around and offer to remove the pile of unsightly overflow.

I wish I could take it all, but the truth is I can’t. Those that are moldy or super sloppy can’t go in the truck. The chickens should not eat moldy food so I don’t bring it home. The sloppy mess would be great in a compost pile, but I don’t have enough carbon to keep that pile from stinking. Don’t fret, there is a local materials company that comes around with scoop shovels to take this gooey resource back to their industrial sized compost piles. It does not go to waste.

Take advantage of this time of year and this abundant resource if you have animals to feed. Free Chicken Food Every Autumn is a good thing!

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