Garden Book GIVEAWAY and MANY Special Thanks!

Please join my GIVEAWAY, but first let me start this post by saying, Wow! we’ve had a lot go on! … and we’ve been covered by the grace of God and many people that share kindness and encouragement.

Two weeks ago, our son Espen went through brain surgery for a condition called Chiari.

You can read some detail at my wife’s blog:

Also… follow the journey of the surgery and recovery here:

So now we are gladly moving past some of that stress. We all can recover from missed sleep and overwhelming stress.

Here’s the GIVEAWAY

This Giveaway is well underway, but there is still time to get in on it. Follow this video to the YouTube page to make a comment. Your comment will get you an entry into the drawing for the gardening book.

The special Thanks that I express in the video is to Ray over at the Praxxus55712 YouTube channel. Here is a link to his channel and facebook page.

Ray is a gardener that shares his skills and talents with a very large audience on YouTube. I follow his channel and recently he started following mine. In one of his videos he listed his 6 favorite YouTube gardeners. I made the list! That was exciting, but what really got to me was how he spoke so kindly of me and my son, Luke.

Go check out Ray’s channel. You can find this particular video here:

Thank you so much for being with on my life’s journey! I appreciate every one of you 🙂


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