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Growth, Opportunity and Love

Growth – Opportunity – Love

Hi, I’m Blake. You may have forgotten me due to the fact that I haven’t posted here in almost 9 months.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been active but just not here on the blog. My YouTube channel has grown quite a bit in the last 9 months. Other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, G+ Collections and Tumblr have all shown amazing signs of growth as well. Growth, Opportunity and Love are all around me.

I have even started a family over on Patreon.  Yes, I’m calling them a family. These are people that are choosing to give above and beyond the normal social media standards or liking and sharing. They are giving me the gifts of a small donation every month to help me pursue my creative passions. At the time of this blog post I have 19 active family members (called Patrons on the Patreon site). All total, they are giving me over $80 per month. This goes a long way to helping me afford the equipment needed to keep up with shooting video and posting creative content. Thank you family!!


This post is sorta inspired by the upcoming end of the year. This time of year often causes us to reflect on the year. What did we do? How did we learn and grow? What legacy was left?

Personally I want to know that I touched lives in a positive way. This is not for my own glory. On the contrary, I believe that all glory belongs to our creator God. This year I’ve had some amazing break-trough moments spiritually too.  Baggage from my past has been dropped. Old friends like Pride and Perfection have been divorced. Freedom and Passion are new friends and I hope to foster a deep intimate relationship in the upcoming new year.


I know that there are wonderful opportunities for me “out there”. As I learn to put aside selfish desires and learn to love and focus on helping others I hope to recognize those opportunities. Creating and pursuing my Passion full time is a goal of mine. We’ll look to 2017 with those ideas and goals in mind to see what we can come up with.

Growing Together – Love

You are an important part of my journey! I appreciate you sharing this space here with me. I appreciate you. Please share in the comments your reflection of this year. What is a valuable memory for you? How have you loved this year?  What hopes and dreams do you have for next year? Let’s grow together 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Growth, Opportunity and Love”

  1. Dear Daddy’s Kirby:

    I am please,excited as I read your letter
    or modern termine blog.
    Your community promote a fun,healthy
    and positive attitude .
    I am from a farmer family.
    I am so happy we have in common.
    There are times that I dropped by
    just to watch your videos.
    It has given me joy, memories that
    I grew up with.
    Please keep it going.
    Your community got my vote,and
    proud to be a fan as well.
    Last but not least,regards to your family.
    Merry Christmas.


  2. One true blessing that came my way in 2016 was answering an add for eggs for sale locally. That ad brought me to Daddy Kirbs farm, great new friends, a wealth of new knowledge, and Farm Day. Thanks Blake and family for all you do, and for all you have taught me so far. I am looking forward to 2017 with all it will bring.

  3. Kirby where may I get some eggs? Where is your farm located? Maybe some honey related stuff too. I never seem to be able to find any local home grown stuff.

    Thanks. Tim

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