My Orchard 2013: Updates

April Update

If you saw my video back in January, you know that I was quite timid about how I was pruning the young bare root trees.

See Video Here if you missed it.

I would like to post this video update to show that my trees do not hate me. They have forgiven my brutal ignorance  and seem to be loving life. All the trees: Apple, Pear and Peach are coming out and soaking up the sun. They appear to be happy where they are.

Do you have a fruit tree pruning story? I’d love to share with you in that. Leave a comment here or come over to the Google+ Community Hobby Farms: Growing Food & Families to talk about it.

April 10th: Random Photos

Orchard De Daddykirbs: Apple Blossom
Orchard De Daddykirbs: Buddy Eating Comfrey
Orchard De Daddykirbs: Wildflower, Can you help ID?

April 22nd: Planting Bush Cherries

Adding to the Orchard in April? I know, right? Well, apparently I ordered some Bush Cherries. They showed up in the mail and I need to get them in the ground. The method of planting is like I’ve done before in the orchard with the other fruit trees. It’s a beautiful thing.

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6 thoughts on “My Orchard 2013: Updates”

  1. Great success Blake. Fruit trees can be very forgiving (thank heavens!). Here’s to you getting lots of fruit – though oyu may not see it until next year of course.

  2. Those trees look really nice. They will start shooting up soon I suspect. I wish I could post similar photos, but we have yet another winter storm warning and expecting ice pellets and snow….this place SUCKS!

  3. 2permies, thanks for the compliment. Have your trees broke dormancy yet? If not, at least they are getting lots of chill hours. (hey, I’m trying to look at the bright side)

  4. Things are really looking great, Blake. I’m with 2permies, I was repairing my tractor last night and we were getting pelted with sleet. I’m so tired of cold wet weather and so ready for spring. I’m really happy for your orchard and garden activities going so well, Blake. I’m glad you keep us all updated on your progress.

  5. Thanks Dan, The weather has been colder this Spring. Even here in TX we are feeling it. I am glad that things are perking up tho. I’ll be looking at your orchard soon!

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