Growth, Opportunity and Love

Growth – Opportunity – Love

Hi, I’m Blake. You may have forgotten me due to the fact that I haven’t posted here in almost 9 months.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been active but just not here on the blog. My YouTube channel has grown quite a bit in the last 9 months. Other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, G+ Collections and Tumblr have all shown amazing signs of growth as well. Growth, Opportunity and Love are all around me.

I have even started a family over on Patreon.  Yes, I’m calling them a Continue reading Growth, Opportunity and Love

Honey Bees: Beekeeping 2016 Season

Honey Bees on the Farm

The 2016 Beekeeping season is officially started on the Daddykirbs Farm! The Golden Son Beekeeper and I made a drive about 3.5 hours north of us to meet a beekeeper friend to get honey bees in nuc hives. He was very kind to prepare 4 nucs for us out of his own apiary.

Nucs, or nucleus colonies, are small honey bee colonies created from larger colonies. The term refers both to the smaller size box and the colony of honeybees within it. The name is derived from the fact that a nuc hive is centered on a queen, the nucleus of the honey bee colony.

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Grow Asparagus: Put it to bed for Winter

Grow Asparagus

You love Asparagus! You decided to grow Asparagus in your garden. Good for you. Well done.

Now what?  Well, your Asparagus is happy that you love it, but do you know how to put it to bed for the Winter? It really is simple. Follow these few simple steps to ensure a good harvest every year. Continue reading Grow Asparagus: Put it to bed for Winter

DIY Birdhouse Plans: Printable Download

DIY Birdhouse Plans

It’s a real pleasure putting the last fence board up. Step back to admire the beautiful piece of art that your fence now is. You built this! Ah, but now notice that large pile of scrap fence board ends. How can you utilize those scrap ends to make something useful and fun? Build a birdhouse! Now all you need are these DIY Birdhouse Plans. Continue reading DIY Birdhouse Plans: Printable Download

Possibility Alliance: Imagine The Possibility Handbook

Imagine The Possibilities

Image with me.

Imagine a farm. Give yourself some room. Imagine a farm with 110 acres.

This 110 acres has over 50 acres of forest, 40 acres of prairie, 4 ponds fed by seasonal creeks. There are 20 acres of pastures, gardens, orchards and managed forest. Parts of this farm are managed as “no-touch” nature reserve and some of it is used only for wild edibles, medicinals and deceased tree harvest.

Imagine such a place. Wildlife abounds with creatures such as Bobcat, Flying Squirrel, Mink, Mountain Lion, Grey Tree Frog, Hog-nose Snake, Snapping Turtles, White Pelican, Osprey, Merlin, Purple Martin, Great Horned Owl, Bald Eagles and much more. Continue reading Possibility Alliance: Imagine The Possibility Handbook

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