I wish I was better about blogging

I have so many times when I wish I would have taken the time to blog something when it was fresh on my mine. My grandfather kept a journal pretty much his whole life. I think that is pretty cool. It’s not always for others to love and appreciate your wit and intelligence, but sometimes just a nice way to reflect on your own life. It also gives the kids a way to see into the mind and life of a parent or grandparent.

…maybe I’ll do better.

George Ranch – Houston, TX

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Our family took a little weekend vacation to Houston again. This time the main attraction was George Ranch. George Ranch is a Living History ranch, where you get to experience 100 years in the life of a Texas Ranch.

We had the most fun at the first stop which is the 1830’s ranch. The characters working that ranch were super attentive to our kids. We got to experience things from making cornbread, feeding pigs and chickens, to making cedar shingles for the smoke house.

The kids had so much fun that I’d like to go back someday. Click on the photo to go to my Flickr Photo album of the trip. Included in the trip album are photos of the Houston Zoo and Museum of Natural Science.

Pet Turtle Pond With DIY Filter

Pet Turtle Pond With DIY Filter
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We have a turtle that someone gave to us for a pet. We call her Carlita.

Carlita came to us in a 10 gallon glass aquarium. She seemed very cramped in that after a while so we moved her into a blue kiddie pool. The kiddie pool was big enough, sure… but it was a pain to clean since we didn’t have any kind of filtration. Continue reading Pet Turtle Pond With DIY Filter

The Greatest Decision

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At age 7 one my sons made his commitment to Jesus! He was on the low branches of our tree in the front yard. He started asking me questions about heaven like “Will we be able to fly in heaven?”. I was amused by his questions because I don’t think adults think creatively enought about heaven.

I tried to answer his questions best I could without really answering them. I wanted him to use his imagination, which would probably be far grander than my boring answers. Even as grand as his imagination would be, still it wouldn’t compare to the grandure of heaven.

I asked my son if he knew what it took to make sure that he would spend forever in heaven with Jesus. With his answer of “What?”, I told him that he needed to ask Jesus into his heart to make Him king of his life. That’s all it took for him, he said “I’ll do that right now”. So, with a heart full of Joy I lead my son through a simple prayer of Salvation.

later on, I felt like it was just an occurance… no big deal, BUT WAIT! There isn’t any bigger deal. I didn’t want the evil one to steal the joy there is in this. So, I told family and friends so they could share in this joy with me. I do praise God that I have the blessing of 5 wonderful children!

My two oldest children have made the same decision in their life. I’m excited that my children know and understand the importance of Jesus in their lives!

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