Homesteading Journey: Thank You for 2015

My Homesteading Journey:
Growth in 2015

My online life is what you see here. This blog, my social media accounts and my homesteading journey documented on YouTube. All of this is nothing without you! Yes, right out of the gate I want to thank you for sharing this time with me. YOU have been the backbone of my success online. Continue reading Homesteading Journey: Thank You for 2015

Grow Sweet Potatoes: Harvest the Reward!

Grow Sweet Potatoes

To grow Sweet Potatoes is a real pleasure. The vines are beautiful with edible leaves. The flowers are a wonderful accent to the garden. For me there is a great therapeutic value throughout the entire gardening growing season. I love the peace and the beautiful connection I have with the Earth when I grow Sweet Potatoes and other garden plants. Then there is always the reward of the harvest! Continue reading Grow Sweet Potatoes: Harvest the Reward!

Spiritual Lessons of Stewardship and Blessings

Spiritual Lessons

Almost 5 years ago when we moved into our log cabin in the country, I told my wife that I wanted this place to also be a blessing to others. I could tell that this idea wasn’t comfortable to her. She probably pictured endless dinner parties and weekend shooting sports events in the backyard. You see, having people over is exhausting for my wife. She has a smile that goes on forever, but the stress of entertaining people is too much for a beautiful introvert like her. Continue reading Spiritual Lessons of Stewardship and Blessings

The Skinny on Canning Food

Canning is one of the newer forms of food preservation used today. Before we had the versatility of canning, people largely used drying, smoking, fermenting, and freezing for preserving food. Thankfully, canning is easier, more reliable, and can really stretch your food budget, plus decrease waste. In this primer for the ultimate canning newbie, we will discuss the types of canning, why acid plays an important role in which method chosen, and ways to get started.

Types of Canning

There are two main types of canning: using pressure or water bath Continue reading The Skinny on Canning Food

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