Picking up Chicks at the County Fair

Yep, I’m that kind of guy. I guess I just like the kind of chicks that hang out at the fair. What can I say?

HaHa… actually I hope you know I’m just playing with words there! We got a small batch of chicks (that’s baby chickens… just in case you didn’t know) from the County Fair. What happens at the fair is that they have an educational booth with eggs in a big see through incubator. These eggs hatch and the kids all go nuts. They love it. For the few days that the exhibit run they must hatch a few hundred chicks. These chicks are put in a large open display for the kids to look at.

If you find yourself at a County Fair with this type of exhibit, ask the volunteer if the chicks are for sale afterwards. At our Fair they have a list that you can put your name on. At closing time on the final day you stand in line ready to pay $0.50 per chick! Wow, that’s cheap ­čÖé

Enjoy here a short video showing the chicks after a few weeks.

and here is the young rooster after finding his voice!


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