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Imagine The Possibilities

Image with me.

Imagine a farm. Give yourself some room. Imagine a farm with 110 acres.

This 110 acres has over 50 acres of forest, 40 acres of prairie, 4 ponds fed by seasonal creeks. There are 20 acres of pastures, gardens, orchards and managed forest. Parts of this farm are managed as “no-touch” nature reserve and some of it is used only for wild edibles, medicinals and deceased tree harvest.

Imagine such a place. Wildlife abounds with creatures such as Bobcat, Flying Squirrel, Mink, Mountain Lion, Grey Tree Frog, Hog-nose Snake, Snapping Turtles, White Pelican, Osprey, Merlin, Purple Martin, Great Horned Owl, Bald Eagles and much more.

Imagine the diversity. With such habitat and care there are many wild edibles. Things such as Paw Paw fruit, Elderberry, Wild Grape, Yellow Morel, Hen of the Woods, Blazing Star are regularly collected from the abundance.

Now imagine that this farm is completely off grid and creates as little waste as possible. There would be no petroleum based fuels. No trucks, no tractors, no mowers… Wood is harvested and moved by the energies of man and horse. Fields are mowed using a scythe.

Imagine how such a place could provide food for the stewards of the land. Fruits and veggies grown on site. Fish respectfully harvested from the ponds. Eggs collected daily from the happy population of ducks and chickens. Cheese made fresh from the small herd of dairy goats.

Is this shaping up to be a beautiful desirable dream farm and life for you? It is for me.

What if you could visit such a place?

What if this was a real place where people could come and join in to experience true connection with the land, the people and use that time to find joy, peace and healing?

What if you could spend time on such a farm learning to grow food, harvest from the abundance of nature and work on finding a deeper sense of connection with it?

You can.

Possibility Alliance

This place is real. This is the experiment of self sustainability and regeneration. Ethan Hughes and a group of other superheroes have banded together to make this dream a reality. They live to achieve the goal to help individuals and groups to become self-sufficient, live in harmony with creation and inspire our culture to return to a land and craft-based society.

Possibility Alliance Ethan Hughes
Ethan Hughes from the Possibility Alliance, Missouri.

All of the stewards of the Sanctuary gave up successful careers including Engineering, Marine Biology, Opera singing, College teaching, Chemistry and Professional natural building. Their lives were good and they were thankful but they felt there was more.

They all spent enormous amounts of time earning money. Mostly to try to buy time, happiness, luxury, adventure, and security but it seemed they all ended up with less time and energy for family, community, dreams, service and the earth.

This gave them all reason to take this exciting leap on this journey to realize that we all (collectively) should not be dependent on any
object or thing for joy, contentment and purpose. They are all volunteers giving their talents and lives away for all of life with the goal of getting back their souls along the way.

Sounds amazing right? So how much does it cost?

Imagine this… these people believe in love so much that they offer all the classes, hospitality, apprenticeships, services and the sanctuary as a gift. Anyone can participate regardless of socio-economic conditions. No one will ever be turned away due to lack of funds. They give it all joyfully!

<deep sigh> … Imagine being able to participate in such an experiment. It’s a dream.

My life, as I imagine many of your lives is very full. Taking time to go to such a place isn’t much of a reality right now. It may not be possible to go anytime in the near future.

But Imagine if someone were to go there, document their experience and write a book about it all. Now that would be a project worth following…. and supporting.

My friend, Scott Mann, is doing just that! This week Scott got on a train to meet up with the Superheroes of the Possibility Alliance. He’ll be spending time with Ethan Hughes and gang to dive deep into the culture of this farm. His goal is to come out of this experience changed and to help share that change with you. Scott is calling the project “The Possibility Handbook”.

I encourage you to go to Scott’s Blog at http://www.thepermaculturepodcast.com/book/
to find out more. If you find that you want to be a part of this trans-formative publication notice that you donate a small amount to help
Scott fund the journey and book. I have personally supported this project and I continue to support Scott’s podcast by donating monthly to his Patreon account.

Scott Mann Patreon Banner
Follow Scott Mann’s journey with a small monthly donation at Patreon.com

Scott is my friend. We’ve been learning from each other now via his podcasts, my videos and a closer connection with online chats. I deeply admire Scott’s mission to share the real life challenges that we all face and how we can tackle them using permaculture as a foundation. This book challenge that he is taking on is, in my opinion, going to be a wonderful resource for many to find deep connections with nature and community to shed consumerism, materialism and along the way re-gaining their souls.

Thank you Scott for your upcoming adventures. I’ll be following with great interest.

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  1. Hi Daddykirbs. I would very much like to spend some time at the Possibility Alliance. What is the best way to get in touch with them to discuss the possibilities? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Alliance!

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