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Possibility Alliance: Imagine The Possibility Handbook

Imagine The Possibilities

Image with me.

Imagine a farm. Give yourself some room. Imagine a farm with 110 acres.

This 110 acres has over 50 acres of forest, 40 acres of prairie, 4 ponds fed by seasonal creeks. There are 20 acres of pastures, gardens, orchards and managed forest. Parts of this farm are managed as “no-touch” nature reserve and some of it is used only for wild edibles, medicinals and deceased tree harvest.

Imagine such a place. Wildlife abounds with creatures such as Bobcat, Flying Squirrel, Mink, Mountain Lion, Grey Tree Frog, Hog-nose Snake, Snapping Turtles, White Pelican, Osprey, Merlin, Purple Martin, Great Horned Owl, Bald Eagles and much more. Continue reading Possibility Alliance: Imagine The Possibility Handbook

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