That one tomato plant that is beating the heat!

Tomato Plant Surviving the Heat!

Still Producing!

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How is your garden doing?

Is the heat a factor for you? Are you growing your own food? Do you have that one amazing tomato plant holding on?

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growing tomato plants in the heat video of one great plant
Daddykirbs Farm YouTube channel video. Only Watered Once All Season! THIS is what happened…

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2 thoughts on “Tomato Plant Surviving the Heat!”

  1. I hope to start a 1/2 acre crop/orchard next year. I am also from Texas, the north side though. I look forward to watching & learning with you. I also love your attitude. When I feel low, I will re-watch your videos. Best of luck & wish you well. Thanks for your experience. I will be posting questions and comments alot.

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