What’s Growing On in the Greenhouse? Starting the 2014 Gardening Season

This Winter has been weird hasn’t it? It’s been very cold all over the United States. Here in Texas, we’ve had
more hard freezes than we’ve had for a very long time.

It’s been so crazy I’m not sure when to put my seedlings in the garden. The last frost date for this year is something like March 20th. Gosh, That feels like it’ll be too late!

Well, for now I have some things started in the greenhouse. Come on in and take a look. I can give you a little tour with this video. Then, take a
moment to look through some of my Instragram photos. I’d love to have you follow my Instagram as well. Find me here: http://instagram.com/daddykirbs

This photo shows one of the times that I had to carry my seedlings indoors due to the freezing weather.
seedlings carried indoors due to freeze
Mexican Midget Tomato
Cherry Tomato
Space Master Cucumber in recycled cups sitting in a kitty litter bucket lid
Homestead Tomato

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