Wildlife on the Farm

Living on the farm has been a wonderful experience! There is a lot of things to do, and some of it is hard work. It seems like the project list is never ending. There is always a fence to build, a garden to weed, trees to plant, chickens to feed… and so on.

But…., yes but sometimes we get to experience something wonderful. Wildlife abounds here on the farm. It’s nice when we get to see it up close. I’ve documented a few encounters. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Baby Cardinal Bird Hatching in Nest

We have a hanging planter on the front porch that attracted a family of Cardinals to build a nest.  We were fortunate to be able to catch a few minutes of the babies hatching on video.  We love seeing nature here on the farm!

Releasing a Hummingbird

This humming bird found it’s way into my hoop house in the garden but couldn’t get out. I caught it and wanted to let my sone release it. We learned how to handle and release the birds at one of our home school field trips to a local bird sanctuary.

Releasing an Inca Dove 

Sometimes birds fly into the chicken coop and can’t find their way out.  The kids like to catch and release them.  This is a good opportunity to see the different birds on the farm up close.  I’m pretty sure this one is an Inca Dove.

Fresh Baby Bunny Rabbits In Nest

While discussing where to mow we noticed several rabbits hanging out in the tall grass.  I went to check it out and found this!  We steered clear of the area and left the grass tall.

Spider Caught A June Bug! 

One night we noticed this big spider had made a web near our front porch.  While we were watching it spin it’s web a June Bug flew in and got caught!  Miss Spider got to work right away wrapping it up for dinner.  I got my video on as fast as I could.

Baby Wrens in Propane Tank 

We opened the propane tank to check the levels to find this beautiful scene.  The baby birds seem to be quite happy and not at all bothered by us opening the lid of the tank.

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