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Win Beanie Hats: A Daddykirbs Giveaway

Win  Beanie Hats Giveaway

Yes! I have 2 Beanie Hats with the Daddykirbs logo embroidered on them, and they can be yours! Who wouldn’t want to win beanie hats?

Haha, I figured if I tossed in a few exclamation marks it might look like a really big deal. Did it work?

It’s no secret that bloggers like to share their content and increase their audience. I’m guilty. For me it’s kinda like a nerdy game. My numbers go up, my interaction goes up and I get to look at pretty charts of statistics. Thank you for playing along!

The purpose of this give-a-way is to build up my Instagram and Facebook stats. My goal for 2015 was to reach 1000 Instagram followers and 2500 Facebook Likes. That goal is still achievable, but it’s gonna be a race to the end of the year! It would be really cool to connect with you further on Instagram and Facebook (and help satisfy my need to look at pretty numbers and statistics).

It’s simple to enter. Here are the rules:

1. Repost this image  #regram #repost
2. Tag @daddykirbs
3. Tag 3 friends

1. Share this post
2. Tag @daddykirbsfarm
3. Tag 3 friends

If you are selected as the winner you will be contacted via instagram or Facebook. You will need to provide your name and shipping address.

Prize: 2 beanie hats with Daddykirbs logo.

Win Beanie Hats Winner will be selected on Christmas day, December 25th 2015.

Thank you for sharing this time with me here on my blog. Please leave suggestions and comments below. Also sign up for the Daddykirbs blog newsletter to be notified of new content and giveaways! Have a great day 🙂


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