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YouTube Live!

Perhaps you’ve noticed already. Or maybe life is too crazy and I haven’t been loud enough (trust me, I get it). Daddykirbs is going YouTube LIVE every Saturday morning at 9 (Central)! Yep, I was a nervous wreck the first few times I went live but I think I’m getting more comfortable with it.

Here’s the YouTube LIVE playlist for all the episodes so far.

Go check out my nervous beginnings then get caught up to the latest YouTube LIVE episode shot this past Saturday from my front porch. It was raining so I couldn’t go to the garden. Luke, the famous gardener, was with me for the first few minutes, but bailed on me because he got tired of waiting for the show to start. We had some technical difficulties with the YouTube app.

In this YouTube LIVE episode we talked a bit about how it is to manage a homestead. There are some dreamy expectation of the new homesteader, then there are some realities several years into the new homestead that aren’t as dreamy. Life is great, but I think it’s fair to have an honest and fair view of what it’s like to live with chickens, ducks, dogs, goats, horses and all too. It’s easy to get way over your head.

It is my hope that the YouTube LIVE events will be like a little online party every week! We can interact with each other, laugh and become friends. If all goes well, perhaps I can even find a way to incorporate some fun give-away prizes too! Don’t hold your breath for that one, but I am trying to figure out how to make that a reality.

It would truly give me pleasure to see you join me during my YouTube LIVE on Saturdays. Let me know you follow along here on too ­čÖé


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