Farm Repairs: Nothing Glamorous

This farm life touches my soul. No, seriously… I mean it. I LOVE living out here and I LOVE working at the farm chores. It makes me feel good. 

Many times I get to do a project that has great reward in the sense that there is something great to show for it. Something I can show off… I can take pictures or make video and people WANT to see it (or at least I like to believe people want to see it).
Then there are times when you just have to get out there an maintain things. Do the routine. Fix that broken thingy that’s been sitting there too long. When you are done with a day like that you feel good, but there’s no cool structure to point at… no glamour. 
This weekend was like that for me. It was rewarding to me, but not glamorous.
Here are a couple of projects I did get done. 
On the main coop we have these wooden chicken doors that are hinged so they can be raised and lowered as needed. The wood has gotten soft over time so broke and sat unattended for too many months. Finally these are repaired.

The doors on the smaller coops have degraded over time. The original chicken wire has rusted and pulled loose. Many times we find that the kids or goats or somebody has pushed a hole in the wire. The chickens come out when we don’t want them too and we are concerned that raccoon, skunks or some other predator will find their way in. 
I took the time, finally, to replace the old wire with something a bit more study. This is another one of those times when I wish I would have spent a little more time and money in the beginning so this would have to be done again so soon.
With those projects done and out of the way I can move on to the Grand and Glamorous projects! ahh who am I kidding. None of this is really Glamorous… just good fun.

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