Kitchen: The Home's Heart

Kitchen: The Home’s Heart


Just think about that word for a minute. What images or memories do you go to when you think of kitchen? I’m going to guess that most of us will have fond memories of family events and special times with mom. There is just something really special that happens in the kitchen.

Food is so fundamental to who we are. Our very lives depend on it. Much of our culture is centered on the kinds of foods we eat and how it’s prepared. Families bond around preparation of food, and this happens in a kitchen.

Not all kitchen’s are the same, but they all seem to be the heart of a home. Sure you play games in other rooms, you relax in yet another… but the kitchen is warm and full of happiness.

Below are some links to some great tips about the kitchen. The Facebook post takes you to the Daddykirbs Farm Facebook page. Check it out. Perhaps you will even “like” it ­čśë The highlighted post is to The Thrifty Farmer’s Wife blog as she takes you on a little tour of the heart of our home.

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be big to work. Check out how Christina Kamp over at Little Sprouts Learning makes her little kitchen work.
Little Sprouts Learning Blog: Impossibly Tiny Kitchen? 11 Ways to Make it Work!

Rhonda from The Farmer’s Lamp shares some tips that she learned from her Great Grandmother’s kitchen.┬áThe Farmer's Lamp Kitchen


Angi from A Return To Simplicity created this peaceful haven in her modern homestead.A Return To Simplicity: Homestead Kitchen Tour

Teri from Homestead Honey spends her summer in this beautiful outdoor cooking space.Homestead Honey Outdoor Kitchen

Homestead Honey: A Homestead Outdoor Kitchen

Here’s a fun video of me, Daddykirbs, working in the kitchen to help make my garden grow. Those poor egg shells never stood a chance!

If you are interested in a wonderful meatless meal. Check out this Black Bean Burger on the Thrifty Farmer’s Wife blog too.

I would love to hear from you. What are your special memories in this special room?  Are your thoughts centered on big holiday gatherings, or perhaps just smaller moments when you were able to spend a special afternoon with your mom baking cookies.

Please share your thoughts and memories here in the comments.

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    1. You are doing great things with your kids! Teaching them how to cook is essential. Teaching them that you love to spend time with them is even better. Thanks Jennifer for sharing.

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